Communication Strategy


This activity complements the Business Model activity. It will move on from the value of the business – to explore and identify a communications strategy for each of the participants' businesses. Videosmall


1 hour

Format & Materials

Interactive, practice-based activity, working on the practical case studies (businesses) of the participants.


Participants work on their own businesses – and then feedback to the group and receive feedback from them.

Participants will consider:

  • Target group – Who will buy from them? Who will they target?
  • Proposition – What do they offer to their customers? How will their product or service help customers?

Participants will also discuss their own identity as a business:

  • Look & feel – What kind of ‘person’ is their business to deal with? Are they business-like, luxury, personal, quirky? What images and language fit their business?

Following from this:

  • Channels – How do they reach their target groups? List all channels, then prioritize: social media, brick-and-mortar shop, newsletter, events, etc?
  • Means/tools – What do you need to realise this? Print, digital channels, organising workshops, blogging, etc.?

And finally:

  • Planning – When do they do what, working back from a chosen moment of exposure (perhaps a launch or publishing on LinkedIn?) and marking the steps in time along the way.