Knowing Yourself


Self-management is aligned with knowing your own strengths and opportunities as a deaf entrepreneur. Knowing yourself means you know how to navigate in an environment that is not designed for signing, deaf people. You recognize the difference between real barriers and prejudices that create barriers. Videosmall 


2-3 hours

Format & Materials

Interactive workshop, video, and reflective discussions in small groups


Powerpoint Presentation by Clark Denmark, used at UCLan's workshop

Peter C. Hauser’s TedEX Talk about ‘Deaf resilience’ on

(the video must be interpreted from ASL to national sign language if the participants don’t master ASL or written English).

Additional information for deaf trainers:


The trainer discusses self-management and asks the participants to consider the experiences which you think have been critical to their personal and professional development.

The participants analyse these incidents, in groups of 3.

Participants watch Peter C. Hauser’s TedEX Talk about ‘Deaf Resilience’.

NB: The point of the video is that deafness itself is not a risk factor but the lack of a supportive environment where you can nurture your language and culture, is the risk factor.

In groups of 3, the participants identify a significant learning experience related to their own personal professional development.

They discuss the experience under these headings:

  • Describe the experience (who, what, when, where?).
  • Reflect on the event and your part in it.
  • What was the value of the experience to your personal and
    professional development? (why, how – what was the impact on your
  • Revise ( any changes and/ or improvements needed?).