Deaf Gain


Participants share their feelings about being deaf and understand how these feelings may affect who they are, what they want, their dreams, their fears. Videosmall


1 hour

Format & Materials

Video/ Group discussion

  • Flipchart
  • Video:

(Captions as a gain)


(Marilyn Matlee) (Powerpoint by Joe Murray)

and/or similar videos/documents in the national sign language of the participants.

Background reading for trainers (English texts):

it PowerPoint Slides used at the ISLA Workshop

it PowerPoint Slides for the Deaf Gain Group Activity at the ISLA Workshop


The trainers and participants watch the videos, together.

Afterwards, they discuss the videos / Deaf Gain.

Together, they make a list of ‘Deaf Gain’ examples on a flip chart.

The trainers summarize why Deaf Gain is important/how it can be used to good effect in interviews/on CVs/Application Forms/Business plans.